Subscription Packages

Get your meal at your convenient time 

keep track of your daily calorie intake

Save time and get organized

pay less and benefit more

Customize your plan to suit your life

you can enjoy the benefit of convenience with our subscription packages, where you get your food delivered to your home or work address at your preferred time. it’s just like turning on your autopilot of simplicity that removes the daily thinking of the purchase decision. So you don’t have to search for our website or even place an order on any platform.

The plan helps you monitor your daily calorie intake and provide you with the balanced nutrition that your body needs. Keeping track of your calories increases awareness of your nutrition status and is important to achieve your health goals.

The package comes with a flat rate for all the salads and a free delivery service as well, which helps you stay within budget. It also reduces the hassle of cash payments with a one time payment every month.

Worry Less and Eat Better

easily subscribe and start your healthy journey

call us at 048865959 to get full details about the subscription packages and areas of coverage